Preschool/TK Application & Enrollment Process

Parent & Child Class Series for children about age 2-4 years with parent or caregiver, contact to verify days available (9:30-11:30am, 12 noon, 12:30pm or 1pm) to be used on the same day, once or twice a week (if available). Minimum 3 classes in a calendar month during the school year (September through May) or during summer sessions (June through August). School calendar averages 3 weeks of class per month.

To register for Parent & Child classes, please download and return the Parent & Child form.

Drop-off Preschool/TK

To apply for your child to attend Salamander Nature Awareness School, turn in your application with the $100 nonrefundable application fee. This will include a phone conversation with the teacher, additional forms required and a class visit.

To register for drop-off classes, complete the online Application form below or the Application PDF, fill it in and email back.

2-day class Preschool Program 9/5/2024 - 5/20/2025, age 3 and potty-trained by start of class (visit before enrollment)
1-day options may be available
Tuition: $565 due by 24th of June through December and 22nd of January & February.
Nonrefundable deposit: $565 due for enrollment. Checks payable to: "Salamander School". Online credit card payment fees apply or signup for bank transfer through Brightwheel.

Summer Sessions: Starting in February, to apply for 1 or 2 week Summer Sessions your child must be between 3 to 6 years old by start of class and potty trained. Options for 2 week sessions are 4 classes (2 per week) or 8 classes (4 per week). 1 week sessions are 2 or 4 days. Some weeks have a 3 OR 5 day options available. $100 application fee for new students. ($50 for returning students) Priority given to school year students. Once accepted*, Tuition is nonrefundable and due by March 22nd. Classes are from 9:30am-1pm. (*Parent and child must visit a class beforehand to be accepted into the class.)

You can download and return the Summer Application PDF, by mail or email to

Any payments to Salamander School can now be made online with a credit card. NoteL Once enrolled, payments can be made by bank transfer. Go to the Fees & Tuition page.

After meeting with the teacher, Salamander School will communicate to you the acceptance of your child.

If there is no current availability, your child can be placed on a wait list. You will be notified if space becomes available for your child.

Salamander Preschool Application Form


Use a separate application form for each child you wish to enroll. Complete online or use the Application PDF and email or mail your child’s application.

Pay the non-refundable Application Fee, or mail your completed Application form with a check payable to "Salamander School."

Completing the Application Process

After receiving your Application and nonrefundable Application Fee, the teacher will confirm by email and will schedule to speak with you by phone. If the program is deemed a good fit for your child by the teacher, you will be asked to schedule a 2 or 3 hour visit for you and your child to a class. After the visit, the teacher will inform you by email if this program is a good fit for your child.

Beginning Enrollment

Parents of accepted students to the dropoff preschool classes need to send a signed Contract and nonrefundable Enrollment Fee in order to hold a spot for their child in the class. Pay online or make checks payable to "Salamander School".

Completing Enrollment

Parents need to fill out and return all required forms for enrollment in the dropoff preschool classes to be complete by the date given in the acceptance email and before their child can attend class alone.

An Immunization Record must be completed by the child's physician and children must have all age appropriate immunizations. Starting with the 2016-2017 school year, children must be fully immunized according to the CDC immunization schedule to be admitted to school, unless the child has a medical exemption.

Parent Volunteers must submit proof of immunization or immunity for measles, pertussis and influenza. A copy of a recent TB test or TB Risk Assessment must be provided for any adult attending ongoing Parent & Child classes.

Required for each class: Appropriate clothing for that day's weather including long pants, long sleeve shirt or jacket, sturdy shoes and socks, sunscreen and a sunhat; some days - rain coat, rain pants, rain boots and warm jacket or vest. Child sized backpack with their water bottle and a healthy snack packed in their lunchbox. We recommend keeping a spare change of clothes for your child in your car as they get dirty or wet. See Resources page for links.

Priority Registration

Children currently enrolled in the school will be given priority in a class the following school year if the following criteria are met:

  •   • Returning preschool student Application is emailed or received with $50 nonrefundable payment by January 22. This includes summer registration also, priority given if turned in by due date.
  •   • Current Parent & Child students get next priority for preschool if Application is emailed or received by January 26 with $100 nonrefundable payment (this includes a parent & child visit during a summer session).
  •   • The family is current on all obligations during the current school year.
  •   • For summer application, returning alumni student, prioritized after current students, requires $50 app fee.
  •   • Other new students pay $100 app fee which includes a class visit.

How Classes are Filled

Children must be three years old and cannot be six by September 7 or start of school to be eligible for a preschool class.

First priority is given to families who are currently enrolled in the school who are asked to re-enroll in the program the following year. A spot in the class is filled when the teacher feels the program is a good fit for the child.

Waiting Lists

When a class has more applicants than spaces, the class is filled in order of the waitlist. You can ask to be added to the waitlist if the teacher feels the program is a good fit for your child. The waiting list is used actively throughout the current school year and during the summer to fill open spots. You will be contacted by email and text if a spot becomes available for your child. You have two days to respond that you are still interested before the teacher offers the spot to the next child. Applicants who are not enrolled in the school will remain on the waiting list until the next application period. The school's waiting list does not roll over from year to year. Thus, on February 1st, the waiting list for the current school year will be null and void.

Salamander School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin.